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Welcome to the Horse Lovers Community!

Feel free to talk about anything and everything to do with horses.
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Mar. 7th, 2010 @ 10:42 pm (no subject)
Does anyone have any links to horse art work that could be used to get a idea for a simple horse tattoo? Google isn't being my friend! TIA!
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Dec. 19th, 2009 @ 11:47 pm Brand New Here
Hi everyone, Michigander here. I have one horse a BLM Mustang. I am pursuing a life long dream with my mustang you can learn about if you read my Journal. I also created a community called MImustengos..... Anyone is welcome to join as well.

I am a member of the American Mustang and Burro Association, and Chapter President of the Michigan Mustengo's....
Is anyone else here involved with Mustang horses? 
Nice to meet you all. enjoyed reading some of your posts.
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Dec. 4th, 2009 @ 11:12 am Islam and horse torture

On the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha ('Feast of the Sacrifice'), Muslims rejoice for the descending of the pilgrims back down to the earth. While Ramadan is a time of suffering and lack, where Muslims gouge themselves new wounds and cover themselves with blood in the streets after long fasting, Eid al-Adha is a time of fullness. A dark part of it, not frequently talked about with Westerners, is the torture and murder of innocent horses.

The justification for the torture and murder of innocent horses is contained within Volume 3, Book 47, Number 744 of the Sahih Bukhari Hadeeths:
One day I was sitting with some of the Prophet's companions on the way to Mecca. Allah's Apostle was ahead of us. All of my companions were in the state of Ihram while I was a non-Muhrim. They saw an onager while I was busy repairing my shoes, so they did not tell me about it but they wished I had seen it. By chance I looked up and saw it. So, I turned to the horse, saddled it and rode on it, forgetting to take the spear and the whip. I asked them if they could hand over to me the whip and the spear but they said, 'No, by Allah, we shall not help you in that in any way.' I became angry and got down from the horse, picked up both the things and rode the horse again. I attacked the onager and slaughtered it, and brought it (after it had been dead). They took it (cooked some of it) and started eating it, but they doubted whether it was allowed for them to eat it or not, as they were in the state of Ihram. So, we proceeded and I hid with me one of its fore-legs. When we met Allah's Apostle and asked him about the case, he asked, 'Do you have a portion of it with you?' I replied in the affirmative and gave him that fleshy fore-leg which he ate completely while he was in the state of Ihram.
Unlike the Judeo-Christian methods of animal slaughter which place utmost importance upon ensuring the animal suffers as little as possible, the ritual sacrifice of Eid al-Adha is exceptionally brutal, even compared to commercial slaughterhouse standards. Though the Hadiths specifically mention a 'whip and spear', the practicality has determined a new method for conducting this ceremony. A shafra (a ritual arab knife) is used to messily half-behead the horse. The horse lays there in agony, and you can see the fear in its eyes as it remains there slowly bleeding to death, blood gushing as its throat muscles writhe in panic and desperation.

Don't believe me? There are videos of this sort of thing, though I must warn you that this contains potentially triggering images of blood, gore and animal suffering. I know that it caused me to break down in tears:

Whenever a discussion of Islam comes up all those who love the animal kingdom have a duty to say the truth:

Islam's founders tortured and murdered horses.
To this day, Muslim adherents torture and murder horses.
Religions whose traditions include horse-torture have no place in the free world.

There is plenty of other disgusting stuff about horses (and slaves, and all sorts of other beasts) in the Hadiths. They explicitly mention that no charity is ever owed to a horse or a slave. So remember, when we go and invade Muslim countries, we aren't just doing it to spread freedom and democracy, or protect our nation from terror. We are doing it to prevent horses from being tortured to death.

God bless America. Which way, Western man?
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Nov. 19th, 2009 @ 12:22 pm Breyers Models for Sale
Hello everyone, with Christmas coming up I thought this would be the perfect time to do something I've been thinking about for a long time - sell off a bunch of my Breyers.
There are honestly too many to list right now and they also happen to be at my mom's house, but I have over 150 models so if there is something you've always been looking for please let me know. Or even if you're just interested in general give me a heads up and I can get you some pictures and a list of what I'm willing to sell in your price range.
All of them are in great condition, most in EXCELLENT and a few are in their boxes still. I am looking for anywhere from $10- $100 depending on the model and its condition.

In case you're wondering why I'm selling aside from the typical everyone needs money spiel, my husband and I are going through a REALLY rough time emotionally right now and I feel like paying some of our bills would help relieve some pressure on the both of us so we can work on us. Additionally, my collection means a lot to me, but I feel like selling some to benefit US would show him how committed I am to making it work.

So, no fun story like I stole them, lol! Thanks in advance!
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Fifi Cute jump
Aug. 11th, 2009 @ 03:51 pm Hello~!
I'm a born-and-raised Iowa farm girl, and I've ridden and owned horses all my life.

Right now, I have six horses.
(Details and pics under the cut~!)Collapse )
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Bel - tongue
Aug. 9th, 2009 @ 09:00 pm (no subject)

Hey all fellow horse lovers!!
I'm from South Africa and am mad bout horses!!!

I just got my new horse 3 weeks ago -  his name is Heavenly Harmony. A beautiful chestnut gelding!
He is only 2 months off the track and going so well.
I compete in dressage and mainly show jumping!

We did a little practise jumping show this weekend and he went so well!
Only jumped small, but he was so awesome!!!

Let me know wat you think!!!


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Aug. 4th, 2009 @ 10:32 am New member new horse!
Hi! I'm Renee and I just joined LJ again for the first time in 2 years. Figured I'd start keeping tabs on my stuff away from Facebook and Myspace and all that other junk. I've owned horses since I was a kid and particularly dig the Stock Horse variation... Though I'm madly in love with all the Spanish and Baroque types and of course Warmbloods. In my opinion there's no such thing as an ugly horse. Currently I live in Alberta, Canada and own two horses: a paint mare and a yearling AQHA colt. Just bought the AQHA colt not too long ago. Imported him from the states and he's amazing. I do have to send in his registration papers which brings me to the fun part! Colt is by the legendary Dualin Gun and out of Touchdown Memory who's a daughter of Colonel Doc Bar Chex who was the 2000 Worlds Greatest Horseman Reserve Champion among other things like 2000 NRCHA Stallion Stakes Two Rein Open Champion and other amazing accolades. With bloodlines like these he was impossible to pass up. And he's AMAZING. Calm. Cool. Collected. We've already saddled and ponied him and he just stood there with a sigh like "I've been waiting for you to do this." We figure he'll be about 15 hands. Not too tall, not too short for a good cutting/reining horse. Pictures posted below in collage format. Would love to hear what folks think! And name suggestions are always appreciated. Been thinking about "Ima Magnum Man" or "Hesa Magnum Man" Colt: Dualin Gun:
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Aug. 2nd, 2009 @ 04:22 pm Equimax Tabs - worming *tablet* for horses - we tested them!
Current Location: Sussex, England
Current Mood: impressedimpressed
As I have 4 horses to try them on (didn't read up on if they are suitable for foals so just tried the adult horses) and they all like different treats I thought it worth a try for ours as Piceur is a VERY fussy eater when it comes to treats.

Each horse's opinion
Piceur was unsure at first. She spat out about half of the first tablet she had. Did wonder if it would work with her but as soon as I gave Lizzie one next to her Piceur decided actually, she did like them after all. She didn't wolf them down, she was a bit more cautious and took each one in her front teeth and broke it up first (they are squishy/chewy).

Lizzie *loved* them. Then she's known for liking pretty much anything.

Tari thought they were pretty good. She didn't mug me for any more after but was happy enough to eat them when offered.

Curly, after having his first one came straight back up to me and did his "please" trick and asked for a second. After that he came back and kept nudging me and asking for more.

In short
So, thats 4 out of 4 horses who approved of them. Piceur remains not entirely convinced but ate them as the others were eating them and she might be missing out. Curly and Lizzie both think they are the most fantastic treats. Tari is happy enough with them, but doesn't find them overly exciting.

So, de-worming done, the very easy way!

Now, the pack we bought is a pot of 60 and the RRP for that is £99 and you give 1 tablet for every 100kg your horse weighs.
Thats US$165, CA$180, AU$200 at today's exchange rate (though each country probably sells them for a different price anyway!)

Bit steep you may think but it works out comparable with normal syringes of wormer, in the UK at least. We actually got a discount from our tack shop as I think the owner wanted someone to actually tell her how well they went down with their horses. The discount was what made us decide to go for it. Otherwise we may never have tried them.

Each packet
They last for 6 months once opened so if you have multiple horses it works out quite well getting a big pot. The normal size packs have 8 tablets in. Obviously thats no good to me with my herd, so we bought the pack of 60 which will last 3 doses for my 4.

I think we'd use them again. We didn't have to put head collars on or have battles with getting syringes in their mouths etc. I didn't get covered in worming paste (which ALWAYS happens with Piceur!) and if spat out you can simply pick it up and re-feed it which obviously you can't with paste! Nobody got up-tight or stressed. The foals didn't see their mothers get wound up (ok, I'm obviously relating this bit to Piceur as Lizzie doesn't get wound up about this sort of thing) so the foals were not mentally affected or thinking we are doing something evil to their mothers etc. It was a relaxing, stress-free time for them.

They were de-wormed, hassle free, loose in the field and the ponies thought they were getting treats, not medicine!
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Jul. 11th, 2009 @ 06:38 pm (no subject)

Looking for a more adult sim game? Come join us! With real life color genetics and inherited showing ability, this game is lots of fun. Click on the link and join right away to be able to check out the whole thing. Free to play, can be played in as little as 10 minutes each week. :) If you do join, look for me at Jovian EqCenter or as Katalyce on the forums.
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Jun. 11th, 2009 @ 09:06 am I come bearing pictures!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
  A fair while ago I introduced myself and my two horses, Moses, a bay  TB gelding and Peewee, a Standardbred mare. Well, I finally got off my butt and got pictures to share! As you can see by the ground, it's recently been raining here, but finally stopped so I could get some piccys :)  (Sorry about the quality, it was hard to get a good angle) 

Image links instead of actual images, due to the pictures being large and me not knowing how to do an LJ cut.



It's winter in Australia at the moment, so both are very fluffy xD
(Edited to fix a typo)
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